Who am I?


Hi, my name is Aleksandar Marčelja and I'm an IT engineer trapped in marketing my entire life. Luckily, software development and marketing today are inseparable. Most of the time I feel like an interface between business and development. I know what are business needs and how development can fullfill them. That's why I lead IT projects and work as a Product Owner of Agile development team.
Everything I do, I do with great passion and devotion. This is why I've chosen passion8 (i.e. passionate) as my freelance nickname when I was at the beginning of my career.
I'm also passionate about learning new stuff and constantly improving myself and things I do.
For more information you can also check my LinkedIn Profile.

What do I do?


I work as a Product owner in Agile development team. Being Product owner is doing Product management and Agile project management for software development at the same time. I'm taking care of delivering company goals in E-business area and Digital transformation while making customers delighted. I achieve this by prioritizing backlog, managing internal and external stakeholders, user stories, testing, releasing new features, etc.



Project Management, Business process improvement, Business process automation, Business Analysis, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Lifecycle Management, User Acceptance Testing, E-learning, etc.



Learning about, you guess, software development... HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Swift, ASP.NET, SQL/NoSQL, XML, JSON, SOA, Restful, API, Libraries, Frameworks, Servers, System Integration, Caching, Bugs, Security, Performance and creating all kinds of apps - Web, Mobile, Native, Hybrid, AMP, PWA, etc.


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